Doing my best Tunnel of Love impression.

I grew up with words on my mind. My mother is a playwright and a poet. My father is a verbose lawyer. From a young age, I read whatever I could get my hands on. From the backs of shampoo bottles to all the Southern Gothic greats, my eyes were constantly darting across words. Then I discovered the music of Prince at the tender age of 12 and for about 10 years nothing else mattered. If you're interested in reading a 25-page paper on the lyrics of Dirty Mind and what they did to push an agenda of androgyny upon pop culture, I'd be happy to forward you my scantly read college thesis.

Since recovering from my crippling Prince addiction, I've had my  journalism published in Pitchfork, Oxford American, A.V. Club, Consequence of Sound, and Gaper's Block. I've also written UX copy for SASS products,  tweets, banner ads, advertorials, newsletters, website copy, headlines and created and launched a branded print magazine for a leading foodservice company. That was fun. Examples are available upon request. That's my story. Now, let me help you tell yours.